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Ambassador Cooker Meats Logo


Manufacturing from our Essex factory for over 30 years.


We manufacture cured hams and salt beef at the highest level.


We are very proud of our BRC Global Standard for food safety.

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Ambassador Cooked Meats

Ambassador Cooked Meats are specialist in cooked ham and salt beef products.


We are a family run business that has been manufacturing and curing cooking hams for over 30 years from our BRC AA grade accredited factory in Basildon, Essex. We offer an extensive range of products boned, cured, cooked and sliced on site by our experienced, highly skilled and dedicated team.

We supply to food service and wholesale meat trade and sandwich manufactures, if your company are interested in stocking any of our lines then please email us or alternatively please call us on 01268 727 818 for a member of our sales team will be happy to help you with your needs.

About Us

Ambassador Cooked Meats sources the finest pork legs from the UK and Europe and the finest grain feed brisket available for our clients. Along with curing and slow cooking our salt beef to our own recipe our hams are available smoked or roasted, peppered or crumbed to suit your needs.


At Ambassador we pride ourselves on our delivery record. Whatever your order is, we guarantee to deliver on time every time. Either with our fleet of refrigerated lorries or using one of our accredited delivery partners our products will always arrive on time and at the perfect temperature.

Our hours

You can contact between 7am till 3pm every day by phone or email for any enquiries or to place an order. We manufacture our hams and salt beef 5 days a week from our Basildon factory so we are always ready for your order.