Ambassador Cooked Meats | About Us
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Ambassador Cooked Meats are specialist in cooked ham and salt beef products.

We are a family run business that has been manufacturing and curing cooking hams for over 30 years from our BRC AA grade accredited factory in Basildon, Essex. We offer an extensive range of products boned, cured, cooked and sliced on site by our experienced, highly skilled and dedicated team.


Butchery Team

The butchers at ambassador cooked meats  have over 30 years experience using boning  and trimming  techniques  to produce our various ham products that we sell.


Curing  Team

The curing process is when pork becomes Ham, We have been using the same cures for over 30 years. Our staff are all trained using various brining methods

We use the latest modern injection techniques for all our products. All ham products are vacuum tumble to specification and finished with traditional style netting and packaging.

All products are made to very high food safety standards.


High Risk Production Team

Staff with in this area are trained to work in a high risk environment which includes slow cooking of ham products and roasting and smoking.

Preparation of packing whole or half joints and slicing and weighing of various products for dispatch to customers.

Our products are delivered to you in one of our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles. If you are based slightly further a field, we will use an established and trusted third party companies to ensure efficient refrigerated supply chain solutions.

Our site has BRC accreditation ensuring all our processes and products meet legal, industry and customer requirements. Following these protocols, we ensure consistently high quality & safe products.



At Ambassador Cooked Meats all products are checked for quality before sale. Our technical team is able to do full traceability on all of our products if needed by customers.

It is very important to us that we know our products are safe to eat. Products are sent away using a UKAS approved laboratory.


A HACCP study is in place to ensure that all aspects of food safety are covered. Extensive validation and verification systems are in operation to maintain and improve systems. Internal auditing and staff training ensures excellent standards in the factory environment. Independent UKAS accredited laboratories are used for sampling of products and associated processes to give our customers complete confidence in our chemical and microbiological standards.
Traceability to the customer and back to source is maintained through both documentation and a fully integrated computer system.


We supply to food service and wholesale meat trade and sandwich manufactures, if your company are interested in stocking any of our lines then please email us or alternatively please call us on 01268 727818 for a member of our sales team will be happy to help you with your needs.