Ambassador Cooked Meats | Beef
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Salt Beef & Pastrami 

Salt Beef at Ambassador Cooked Meats

We only source the finest grain feed brisket which we cure and slow cook to our own recipe. Products come in Salt Beef or Pastrami joints, sliced or shaved in MAP trays or vacuum packs. All products are batch controlled at every stage to ensure 100% traceability and product consistency.


At Ambassador Cooked Meats all products are checked for quality before sale. Our technical team is able to do full traceability on all of our products if needed by customers as it’s is very important to us that we know our products are safe to eat. Our products are sent away using a UKAS approved laboratory for full safety.


We supply to Food service and wholesale meat trade and sandwich manufactures, if your company is interested in stocking any of our lines then please email us or alternatively please call us on 01268 727818 for a member of our sales team will be happy to help you with your needs.

Cooked Joints


Cooked Salt Beef Joints


Cooked Pastrami Joints


Sliced Beef Products

Sliced Salt Beef

500g / 1kg

Sliced Pastrami

500g / 1kg

Cured Beef

Cured Salt Beef